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Drive system 

The drive of the elevator includes the most hardworking components. Dpal present high effective and reliable own produced geared and gearless motor.


Dpal works, controller based on microprocessor technology and parallel transmission for an easy installation for new elevators and for  modernizations. 

Full Replacement of Old Lifts

Dpal – Lift Modernization/ Lift Refurbishment/ Full Replacement of Old Lifts With the most comprehensive maintenance program, all lifts, eventually, require modernization or full replacement. Delaying modernization too long will result in the same detrimental effects that would result from ignoring the maintenance requirements.

” Obsolete lift components can often be replaced with the modern equivalent “

Not all common issues are as obvious as slow response times or frequent breakdowns. 


Elevator modernization is an investment. It provides more intangible benefits.


Dpal signalization provides a stylish interface while improving accessibility and convenience. We use it for our operating panels LCD displays with an alphanumeric character.

Electrical installation

One of the best ways to improve the performance of an old elevator is to modernize its electrification system.